Code-Editoren, FTP-Programme, Website-Verwaltung.


  • Website Verwaltung

    Programme zur Verwaltung von Websites: Bearbeitung von Code und Design, upload auf den Webserver und eventuelle zusätzliche Funktionen zur Pflege der Struktur.

  • FTP-Clients


  • Editoren


  • Online-Werkzeuge

    Online-Werkzeuge für Webdesigner und Webmaster: Codevalidierung, Codegeneration etc.

Im World Wide Web

  • G3 Torrent

    A feature rich and graphicaly empowered bittorrent client written in python.

  • ItSucks

    This project is a java web spider (web crawler) with the ability to download (and resume) files. It is also highly customizable with regular expressions and download templates.

  • NEXUSe2e

    Provides reliable business messaging using standard protocols (e.g. ebXML, SOAP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, etc.) to integrate business processes that span multiple companies. Because of its component-based architecture, it can be easily extended to support virtually any other protocol—be it standardized or proprietary. The main use of NEXUSe2e is for supply chain integration e.g., for exchanging orders and other business documents in electronic form.



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